Lleida, MTB paradis i Pyreneene

Vi vurderer og legge ut spesielle sykkelvideoer gjennom Youtube.

Her kommer en prøvesmak fra Pyrenees, som er kule og meget fartsfulle i en fantastisk natur. Gi gjerne en tilbakemelding om hva du synes.


Hi Everybody

A new Adventure is here ? This time in the Pyrenees – Lleida Share with your friends if you like ?I appreciate it!!!

«I have set course for the mountains, my destination is the province of Lleida, and I am very aware that this adventure is going to be loaded with good trails and magnificent landscapes. I know the area, but not some of the places that the local riders are going to show me, the truth is that I am excited. This is one of the first trips I have made after the Covid19 quarantine period and the truth is that everything is more intense, with more color and more flavor, I like that feeling» –  David Cachon

Cheers guys